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Enhancement factor, e : ratio of the flux of a component, i (14) across a carrier-containing membrane divided by the transmembrane flux of the same component across and otherwise identical

membrane without carrier. . Membrane physical aging : change in the transport properties of a membrane over a period of time due to physical chemical structural alterations. . Limiting current density : current density at which dramatic increases in resistance are observed in an ion exchange membrane system under the influence of an applied electric field between the upstream and downstream. . Fritz., Percy., Jack. Guidelines on male infertility. Handbuch der systematischen Anatomie des Menschen. International, classification of, diseases for Oncology iCD -O). J Vasc Interv Radiol 1998;9(2 339-345. Miettinen., Virolainen., Sarlomo-Rikala. Professor Mikhailo Bryk (Ukraine. Selective membrane skin : region, often located at the upstream face of an asymmetric membrane, that forms a thin, distinguishable layer primarily responsible for determining the permeability of the asymmetric membrane. . Left varicocele due to reflux. Gastrointestinal stromal tumors: Value of CD34 antigen in their identification and separation from true leiomyomas. Dialysis permeability coefficient : permeability coefficient (28) based on a transmembrane driving force expressed in terms of the concentration difference of a given component. . Reverse osmosis : liquid-phase pressure-driven separation process in which applied transmembrane pressure causes selective movement of solvent against its osmotic pressure difference. Standard D5090, astm Committee on Water, Subcommittee on Membrane and Ion Exchange D19.080, Vol.

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