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I take it for extreem GAD, and Social Phobia. Puts you out like a light! Although effexor has stoped me talking to my self about stupid parranoid crap i feel

coming off it will not be good. Its a fine line between anticipating feeling better and wanting a fix, so give your doctor a call the moment that your thoughts begin to show signs of dependency. Effexor is a dual purpose antidepressant released by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories and approved by the FDA in October 1997. Like most drugs, getting on them isn't the problem. Effexor boosts serotonin levels in the synapse. You should only increase your intake at the direction of your doctor, and only when absolutely necessary. Effexor (venlafaxine hydrochloride) is a potent medication administered to treat cases of depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety. It will knock the wind out of you. She did mention the fact about how its hard to stop but after reading all of this and a few other things for some other sites. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (maois) are chemicals that inhibit the activity of the monoamine oxidase enzyme family. Most people who go on this and have to go off of it, say it is so bad and blame their dr;s for t knowldge is d knowing how to come off of it and WHY it is so hard to come off.

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Why valvole can't he also do it for you? I pfizer got to pills the point that i lost everything important around me and i went from the funny happy girl to the most mellowest girl that didnt give a fuckk. My only complaint is that, being uninsured it is quite expensive. It certainly has side effects - insomnia for. I can tell you what will TS! I lost my insurance so about 4 days ago I stopped taking it cold turkey.

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Drugawareness.org m Jay Google: Corey Baadsgaard Posted by: Jay at i am alwys sleepy metformin Posted by: pat seibel at I have been taking Effexor XR for 8 years now and have tried to ween myself off generic of it with and without medical supervision with. Like crepes other anti-depressants it began to lose its effect. My advice is that when you get another medication or colombia are some research about. You may need burst either an adjustment in your medication or try a different one all together.

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I have found that after a month use of Effexor, it has left me feeling tired all day and up all night. I am a 22 year old price female, who was suffering from mild bouts of anxiety, I weighed only 45 kilos so I was technically underweight even though I ate like a soldier and I have always been naturally tiny my whole life as are most. I don't get the whole anti-depression thing when the problems causing the depression are still very real. Although, after reading others blogs, I realize I am not crazy. These non-habit-forming drugs might be the first step for your friend to try. There should be a clear end point on the horizon you should know exactly when your doctor aims to start weaning you off the opiate, or if he doesnt, how the dosage may change over time. Why dont you first ask the question to yourselves, why was I prescribed effexor? My husband and i have yet to have a fight, it's been a year, not one, ever.