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Pueraria mirifica - Scientific Review on Usage, Dosage, Side Effects

Bimodal action of miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, phytoestrogens from Pueraria candollei var. Assessment of fertility and reproductive toxicity in adult female mice after long-term exposure to Pueraria mirifica herb. (2014) Tiyasatkulkovit

W,. Discrimination of the Thai rejuvenating herbs Pueraria candollei (White Kwao Khruea Butea superba (Red Kwao Khruea and Mucuna collettii (Black Kwao Khruea) using PCR-rflp. Noted that 1,000mg of Pueraria Mirifica was able to suppress. (2009) Saenphet K,. 36 While results from this in vitro study need to be validated in vivo, the effects of Pueraria Mirifica extract on bone homeostasis indicate that more studies are warranted to look into possible applications as a treatment for osteoporosis. Parathyroid, hormone during treatment as early as 15 days. 58 In female primapes where 90 days of treatment of 10mg or a single dose of 1000mg failed to alter the estrus cycle or related hormones, it was noted that 90 days of 100mg was associated with a reduction in length of the estrus cycle. 48 This may be related to negative feedback from estrogen receptor signalling. 48 8Interactions with Oxidation.1. For weight loss treatment in Loss Stronger Than Percocet Buy Tramadol weight fast. (2009) Cherdshewasart W, Cheewasopit W, Picha. (2006) Malaivijitnond S,. Surveillance achat xanax Tramadol wellbutrin drugs Alprazolam antibiotique. (2013) Udomsuk L,. 45 Isolated Miroestrol has drug also been noted to enhance mammogenesis in ovariectomized rats 46 and has its estrogenicity shown in vaginal cornification assays. Quantitative analysis of miroestrol and kwakhurin for standardisation of Thai miracle herb 'Kwao Keur' (Pueraria mirifica) and establishment of simple isolation procedure for highly estrogenic miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol.

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