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God bless to you all. I am far from being a heavy drinker, in fact, I like a glass of wine every now and again but the morning after feels

like I am having the worst hangover ever! Posted by: JW at I have been ON effexor NOW FOR 2 years after switching frow paxil, prozac. Has anyone taken Effexor and, if so, did you experience any weight related side-effects. All the weight I have gained is in my stomach, which is very unusual for me- and I have these love handles. I know a lot of these posts are really old and I wonder if anybody will even read this but I have been looking for some positive comments about Effexor. I am worried about gaining weight and will not take this medicine until. Still it is better than being in the darkness of depression. I've been given wellbutrin because since I've been on Zoloft about 6 months I've gained 8 pounds. Has anyone else gained weight in these areas? Those were the worst two years of my life. But you won't hear that from many doctors. I have had one psychiatrist tell me that I am not the first person who she has spoken with who suffers from brain shocks from this medicine. Wellbutrin is supposed to help with the weight problem but, the. Also, all the weight seems to be in my stomach. But i felt a lot better on it (mainly sleep) good luck - its not easy! Society the choice is yours.

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For more in depth info on tapering with this method, go here. I'm laying in the reviews bathtub right now because I just couldn't get my body temperature warm. I was hungry all the time and like someone said, could eat entire pizzas, bags of chips, everything. Starting to had severe headaches and neck pain that may or may not be related, but am slowly decreasing dose. What do you folks think?!? The main thing is that lexapro seems to cause the carb cravings that get you into trouble (meaning i could eat entire pizzas, huge burritos, and put away alot more food than i used to). After about 2 wks of this began to alternate to 75mg for 2days, 150mg on the third. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get your metabolism back into wack? I had lost more than all of my baby weight by the time I started to suffer from ptsd 6 months after birth of baby, FYI, making this incredible weight gain that much more frustrating!) Reply With", 10:47 AM #20 I am so grateful.

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So, I got off right away and the doc told me not to worry about discontinuation syndrome because I was not on it long enough. However Effexor is no joke! The only side effect I had was headaches. I had severe withdrawals and won't list them because we have heard them all. Hi all, I am so relieved I found this forum. Best of luck to all of you who have suffered from Lexapro. Soooooooo - I wish these companies would create an antianxiety/antidepressant that does not mess up your metabolism! If so, what did you do to take it off and how long did it take?

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How can the side effects justify the benefits. Posted by: Rosemarie at I've been on effexor for with about 6 years on and off ( off only once).It's been the best thing for my depression. I have tried TO GET OFF OF THE drug BUT wheet this strange physical sensation pictures IN MY head anan hear crackleing noises, AND IN THE daran SEE lights flashing AND geometrical shapes. I almost killed myself because of suicidal ideation during the process of withdrawal. I grieve for people who have been through this experience.